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Innovation in context

In conferences on innovation the word “innovation” is associated with Steve Jobs and Nano science; how manufacturers had to change to be involved in “advanced manufacturing”. This was offered as an elixir, a revolution where as innovation is about improving producers processes as an embedded plan in any firm, as is marketing and finance. It is part of ISO 9000.

Often the object of change was presented without a map of where innovation was and how to get there. “There” being the development of a new idea, set in an environment where change is embraced and thinking differently to the accepted as normal run procedures for a firm that adapts to market demands, adopts new processes and produces them for their customers;–They are generated–converted to —and diffused so that maximum returns arise.

To bring innovation into context we have assembled a road map, a plan which offers a ‘context’ for innovation in a business, not as a stand alone ‘thing’ that has no relationship to the everyday goings on in the firm.

As a start we offer a quick set of questions for the CEO. These should only take 30 minutes to work through but they are basics. If the answers show a need to do more work to get to the start of the innovation process then that is where you start. They locate a position of where your firm is now.

Key to our offering is the proposition that our work must initially be short and not a 2 to 3 year process. It must be regarded as ‘work-in-progress’ and not a plan locked in concrete as such is the speed of change, so fickle are the winds of change, that the market can alter before the plan is down in writing.

Will we be There on Friday is the challenge.

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The 4 Basics of Business to Understand

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