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Creative Individual

Creative Individual and Thinking Systems

The Brain and how it works is the subject of extensive research and the more that is found the more the community realise the less is known.

In speech we have only recently found that humans have a gene peculiar to us –FoxP2, as it is named that separates us from all other primates.

Personality testing is a questionnaire-method that gives broad categories of ‘types’ of people who use their brain in a certain way however it is not conclusive. As long as the user understands that the brain is far too complicated to show definitive stereo-typing then they are useful. To draw the conclusion that an employee will be creative because they use the right brain more than the left as shown by a series of questions is wrong—it is a guide only.

Understanding these caveats the editors will link the reader to these sources to Thinking for as DeBono says : it is not climate change that is mans’ most feared worry, it is the failure to think and understand how we think that is the worry.

The editors are not neurophysiologists but refer to these eminent persons for advice.

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